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Home Sales Report Oakland Sidewalk Ordinance (Temporary Suspension) Oakland sales have a new requirement: Sidewalk Ordinance. This requirement resulted because too many people were tripping and falling on the uneven, cracks, and holes on the sidewalks. And then, the people were suing the City. For example, an uneven sidewalk caused caused a man to trip and fall on June 12th. The fall resulted […]
Oakland What Real Estate has to be Grateful for in 2020 It has been a tough year. No question about that. But the housing market did have many bright spots. Booming home sales Record low mortgage rates Seller equity Technology New priorities Affirmation of Realtor value The sanctity of the home It still hard for buyers as the housing inventory continues to be low and very […]
Oakland You Want It? You Write it! We’ve all been down that road before. We show up with our buyers at the property after closing escrow and the racks in the garage are gone. The Ring doorbell has been replaced with some tacky plastic “Brass” doorbell, or the mirror in the bathroom is now a cheap Home Depot replacement. We thought certain […]
Home Sales Report Future of Real Estate Market After COVID-19   What will the market do after COVID-19? What will it look like? There are various opinions. A short survey done in May found that some Latin agents think that the market will go down. It was hard to determine when and by how much. The change probably would happen by the middle or end […]
Home Sales Report 2020 Home Buyer Trends (NAR) According to the Census Bureau’s Housing Vacancy Survey (HVS), the USA home ownership rate reached 65.3% in the 1st quarter of 2020 vs 64.2% in 2019. It increased! Go figure! First-time buyers made up 33% of all home buyers, the same as last year. Fifty two percent of buyers 30 to 39 years and 88% […]
Oakland Sequoyah Market Update Feb 27, 2020 Happy New Year 2020! I trust you are doing well. 2019 4th Quarter: Though homes took a little longer to sell, the inventory was stable, and prices went up by $50,000. One of the most important things right now in 2020 are the low interest rates, which appear to be staying low. With low interest, […]
Oakland Sequoyah Market Update – Oakland CA 94605 As the 3rd Quarter (July, august, September) approached there was the expected seasonal slowdown in sales (23% fewer) and a dip in prices (about 10%, althought there are several variables such as price, home size, condition, desirability, and mortgage rates). Most analysts are seeing a peak in prices until the Spring of 2020 and beyond […]
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