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We Buy Houses – Watch Out

A cute weasel


Every week there is a text message saying something like: “We buy houses. All cash, no contingencies, close in 10 days or less, up to $1.5M!” These are investors looking for deals. As a real estate agent this sounds great. These are ready, willing and able buyers. So what’s the catch? “We’re looking for OFF market properties.” That means they don’t want houses that are listed. One investor once told me, Ernest, “I don’t want a deal. I want a steal.”

I tell them that I have a fiduciary duty to the sellers and I put  the houses on the MLS. In all of my years of selling houses, I have never sold to an investor. When I tell them that I can get them good deals on properties that ARE listed, they immediately say NO. We want OFF market houses. Yeah, they want to low ball the owner and get the house for next to nothing. These people are weasels looking to rip off the homeowner.

Are you experiencing difficulties with your mortgage payments? Are you thinking of talking to the “We Buy Houses” people? Don’t! Call me today instead. We can sell your house as-is. Without repairs. With tenants. And we’ll look after your best interests.